Small File Icon Angie will be at "Music Portrait"
Reported by illeot on 24 Mar 2014

Angie has recorded the TV program "Music Portrait", for NHK E-Tere. This program is a talk between two person who know really well each other. With Angie will be her friend, the free announcer Christel Takigawa. It will be broadcasted next 3rd and 10th of April.

Here you have some pictures about this program.

Small File Icon First week of "TAPESTRY OF SONGS -THE BEST OF ANGELA AKI-" at Oricon
Reported by illeot on 12 Mar 2014

The first Angie's best album, "TAPESTRY OF SONGS -THE BEST OF ANGELA AKI-", has ended it first week at Oricon, and it's at #3 with 26.823 copies sold.

Small File Icon "Angela Aki so far and after this" interview translation
Reported by illeot on 05 Mar 2014

In Angie's official website we can see an special interview/report writed by Junichi Uchimoto, titled "Angela Aki so far and after this", with the full explanation of her hiatus, her new life, ... I think with this text and the liner notes of the songs, we can understand better her, and know that this future is what she needs.
Here you have the full translation of this interview, with pictures from this Natalie's interview.

'From the end of November there's a banner called "to all of you who've always supported me" in Angela Aki's website. There she tells us she's chosen to start studying in a music college in the US from fall 2014 so she'll move there with her family, putting her music career on hiatus after the national tour she'll work on this spring.

Many people were surprised and took these news as a soch. To me, this decision fell like a hard stone in my chest. At first I thought there was still plenty of time until she moved to the US but now I realize the moment is approaching.

As Angela has already declared, her dream is to win a Grammy. Drawing a dream to make it come true is one of Angela's basic moves. Or at least making everything she can to make it come true. She debuted as a singer in her mid 20s and made history offering a piano solo in her Nippon Budokan concert, making her dreams come true step by step. She probably won't listen if she starts talking. The Grammy dream would be impossible to achieve if you stop working on it because a Grammy isn't part of a music career in Japan (singing and making Japanese language music), you must take a different path. "To achieve this goal I made a really important decision". Just like she tells us with the previous sentence, the time has come and the first step towards that dream is studying in a music school.

It may seem easy, but she's got her goals clear and lived a really hard time until making this decision. So now her music career in Japan comes to an "end". After 2 or 3 years of a hiatus she may not come back yet, and when she does everything will be different, she'll look different and she'll have to start over. It's not just a part of what she's done so far, going from a Japanese language singer-songwriter to working in an all-English environment isn't easy at all. Music won't change but people, places and ways will definitely change. How long has she been thinking this way? How is Angela's mood now? After not seeing her for a long time I listened to her carefully.

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Small File Icon First day of "TAPESTRY OF SONGS -THE BEST OF ANGELA AKI-" at Oricon
Reported by illeot on 05 Mar 2014

Today has been the release of the new album of Angela Aki, "TAPESTRY OF SONGS -THE BEST OF ANGELA AKI-". It has debuted at Oricon, sales official list, at #3, with 10.194 copies sold in the first day.

Small File Icon Support Angie buying her first best (last) album "TAPESTRY OF SONGS -THE BEST OF ANGELA AKI-"
Reported by illeot on 05 Mar 2014

Today is the release of the first best album of Angela Aki, her last release before her indefinite hiatus. This is a great chance to have all her singles in just one album. and not just her singles, if you get the limited edition you can get an extra CD with more of her songs chosen by Angie herself, and a DVD with more than 150 minutes (all her music videos, rare lives and pictures, ...). So support Angie buying this great album, and wish her good luck in her new life!

I know that maybe you can't go to Japan an buy it...but you can buy it in the internet:

Limited Edition with 2 CD's+DVD:

CD-Japan, Yesasia, HMV, Amazon

Regular Edition:

CD-Japan, Yesasia, HMV, Amazon

Remember that we don't have anything with Sony, Epic, Angela Aki herself or her management, but we support her, and her music, so the best is to buy it!!

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