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Reported by illeot on 12 May 2015

Angie's network (Facebook, Twitter) update 11/05/2015.

"I'm in the middle of finals, and today is my husband's 50th birthday. A great half-century birthday! Our son and I sang 'happy birthday' to him.

He's always wearing this watch, so when I asked him "when did you buy this watch?" he told me he bought it during high school. Eeeh, a 35 year-old watch, he must've been rich! *laughs*

What old objects do you consider valuable to yourselves? I'll think about this too!"

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Reported by illeot on 09 May 2015

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"Happy Mother's Day! I'm wearing a necklace my son made in kindergarten class in this picture. When I first wore it I felt like crying.

My mom went from America to the peaceful Tokushima and got married there, to me she's always been kind of a simple hero. Besides, my husband's younger sister is also a mother I admire. She's a woman who had 2 kids while being an elementary school teacher. I've seen her raise her kids in the last 10 years, and she's not a nagging person but the kind of mother who teaches her children the value of effort. When I talk to her children, so full of ideas and a great personality, I realize what an amazing mother she is. I feel blessed to have such a hero-mom so close to me! Let's keep doing our best tomorrow!

Moms in Japan, moms all round the world, thank you so much for everything. Happy Mother's Day!"

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Reported by illeot on 05 May 2015

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"My husband is a fan of boxing, and the match he was looking forward to has just started with Pacquiao VS Mayweather ! I'm excited to see what kind of match is like! I'm watching it right now on cable TV. Do your best, Pacquiao!"

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Reported by illeot on 23 Apr 2015

Angie's network (Facebook, Twitter) update 23/04/2015.

"I'm rehearsing in the practice room we have in college. It has a piano perfect for starters.

I'll finish this semester in one week. Once all exams are over I'll finally get to enjoy some California lifestyle.It's been a year that seemed short sometimes, and sometimes it felt longer.

Next month I'll start the composition semester! I want to make 50 songs during summer break!"

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Reported by illeot on 19 Apr 2015

Angie's network (Facebook, Twitter) update 19/04/2015.

"This weekend I went to the Broadway opening of "Fun Home". Jeanine Tesori, who's in charge of the music, is one of my most recent friends in the composition world!

The musical was so amazing I can't even put it into words. I only felt a similar shock when I was 20 and I went to a Sarah McLachlan concert.

I guess this musical could even win a Tony award! Ah, I'm so excited I can't even sleep."

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