Small File Icon MKI during Angie's hiatus + last project!
Reported by illeot on 07 Dec 2013

As you all might know, Angie is taking some time off stopping her music career in Japan in September 2014 so she can start studying music in the US. Until then, MKI will keep sharing all the news like we've always done, and after she starts her hiatus MKI will remain open: website, forums, Facebook page and Twitter profile. If there are any news from her we'll share them, being a source of information about Angela Aki even if her music career stops for a while. That's why I ask you to keep supporting MKI and visiting this community to get all the news about Angie, and don't hesitate to check all the information this website has to offer because you'll probably find here anything you might be looking for when it comes to Angie and her music. Besides, I encourage you to join our Facebook open group, where many Angela Aki fans talk about her music and much more!

We're also going to carry out one last project to support Angie, so she'll get all of our love now that she's starting a new stage in her life. We'll make a new videoletter, like the one we sent to her a few years ago. That's why, before writing a text and splitting it into parts, we need to know how many people want to take part in this project.
It'll be really easy, all you have to do is shoot a video about 30 seconds long, following a few easy steps we'll reveal as soon as we know how many people are in. So if you want to be part of our last present for Angela don't hesitate and join this special letter, it'll be beautiful and she'll always remember!
To be part of it just send an e-mail to or with your name, e-mail, and country you live in. Sending this message means you're willing to record this video, so please, send the e-mail only if you'll actually record the video! If you know other Angela Aki or Japanese music fans you can also tell them about this so it'll be a big project! In fact you can even record your video with friends, family or pets, so the more original it gets the more Angie will like it!
Please, take part in this project!

Thank you so much for all your support, and I hope you'll keep being part of the MKI community for a long time!

Here you have the first videoletter we made, please enjoy it!

Small File Icon Angie has received our present!
Reported by illeot on 01 Oct 2013

As Angie shared at her Facebook, Twitter, Ameba, ... she has received our birthday present! The "Our world in your hands" project now is really in her hands!

"Thank you to Angel and everyone at My Keys International for an amazing present. I got to see your hometowns, things and places that are important to you, and that makes me feel so close to all of you. I love all of you!!"

Thanks to you Angie we will support you forever!!!

Small File Icon 2013 Project "Our World in Your Hands"
Reported by illeot on 23 Jul 2013

This year we are carrying out a new project as a present for Angela Aki's birthday in September. Here you have all the information!

1. Information

The project will consist of a photo album, with pictures of special and interesting places that mean something to each one of us.

2. Details

- Each person who wants to take part in it must sent one picture together with a short text saying what it is and where it can be found. If you want to send more than one picture read "5. Donations".
- Pictures must be in .jpg format and have great quality. It can be a picture of somewhere around your home, a landscape, a famous place, or just a place that means something special to you and you want Angela Aki to see. You shouldn't appear on the picture itself.
- These images will be printed, so it doesn't matter if they're taken with digital camera or cellphone as long as the quality is good. No specifical size is needed either, since printing them will turn them into the usual photo album format.
- Rude or unrespectful pictures won't be accepted. Pictures received without a text explaining what and where is it won't be accepted either.

3. Requirements

- A good quality picture taken by you.
- A short text saying where and what it is, nothing further than a couple of lines.
- Real name, city and country where you live in.

4. Deadline and ways to send it in

- Although Angela Aki's birthday is September 15th, preparing this project will take time so only images received before August 18th will be accepted.
- Pictures can be sent either via private message on MKI's Facebook page or via e-mail to any of the following addresses: /

5. Donations

Printing each picture costs about 0'50, so although adding the photo album and the shipment fees it won't be an expensive project, any donation will be useful so I won't have to pay this project all by myself. If donations cover this project's costs, the amount of money left will be used for the My Keys International maintenance since the server payment is done every July.

- Donations must be sent through PayPal, to this e-mail address:
- It doesn't matter how much you donate, any amount is fine!
- People who donate will be able to send up to 4 pictures for this project.

6. Doubts

In case you have any doubt please get in contact with me through any of these ways and I'll help you as soon as possible:
E-mail: /
MKI Facebook page
MKI Twitter

7.- Example pictures

"This is my hometown, Puerto Lope, in Granada; I don't live there anymore but I always think of it"

"Under this sky I found love in Valencia"

Small File Icon 5th anniversary of My Keys International
Reported by illeot on 07 Jul 2013

Today, 8th of July of 2013 is our 5th anniversary!! Since 2008 we're bringing to you all the news about Angie, making projects, and being so close to her, at first in our old forums, and later here, in our own website.

Since then we have writen some letters to Angie, recorded videos for her, made a book, ... and she's always received them and thanked us. This year we're making a new project for her birthday, and as always, everyone can take part in it!

But today we have another present for Angie, a version of  "One Family" made by the members of MKI, it doesn't matter how far we are, we are ONE FAMILY! Thanks to everyone, and I hope you like it!!

And remember we're holding a contest, we're giving away a copy of her new single, "Yume no Owari Ai no Hajimari", including a exclusive postcard, you can take part in the contest within the next 8 hours!!

Small File Icon MKI 5th anniversary countdown!
Reported by illeot on 03 Jul 2013

The 5th anniversary of My Keys International is coming! In just 5 days, next 8th of July we'll be 5 years old!! We have a surprise for Angie on this day, and everyone will be able to watch it!

And this isn't all, remember we're making a new project for Angie's birthday this year, and she will receive it, just like the past year, "Our World in Your Hands".  And our contest for the anniversary!! The prize is new single "Yume no Owari Ai no Hajimari" regular edition!

To take part in it just follow these easy steps:
1. Click "like" in the MKI Facebook page, follow MKI on Twitter, or do both.
2. Send an e-mail with your name and country, as well as the name you use on Facebook or Twitter to check you did step 1 correctly to any of the following e-mail addresses: /

A Facebook note will be created and updated adding the contestants, giving a number to each person following the order in which the e-mails were received, and picking the winner on July 8th with a random number via This process will be filmed and the video will be available for a month in case anyone wants to check it out.

Each person can get up to 5 number for this contest.
One number will be added for any of these actions:

- Clicking "like" in the MKI Facebook page.
- Following MKI on Twitter.
- Sharing the link to this contest on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, blogs, etc. A screenshot will be required in the e-mail to check this out.
- Taking part in the "Our World in Your Hands" project.
- Sending a donation for the "Our World in Your Hands" project and the website maintenance.

This way you'll have up to 5 numbers easily. That's 5 chances to win the single!

The contest deadline is July 7th, and anyone who wants to take part in this after that way won't be accepted. The winner will be picked on July 8th.

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