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Reported by illeot on 26 Dec 2016

Angie's network (Facebook, Twitter) update 26/12/2016.

"Everyone, merry Christmas from Nashville! Today there was a new high temperature record set after 127 years. During the day we reached 24º. So I went in light clothes to have fun at a nearby park, and at night we opened the windows at a Christmas party at home!

Actually some days ago we reached -7º, I couldn't believe it... (That day I felt so down I even took a screenshot *laughs*) From -7º to 24º, such a difference. It's just like in live, you never know in which days something will happen. Good things might end any time, so I must be thankful for all the happy moments!"

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Reported by illeot on 13 Dec 2016

Angie's network (Facebook, Twitter) update 12/12/2016.

"I'm alive! *laughs* Sorry I didnt' update this recently. After getting so many "Angie, are you okay? is everything okay?" I realized people seemed to be worried about me. I've been really into work these past few months. I also had some meetings to improve my music life, and I say "now I feel more fulfilled!", but the truth is that producing music while raising a kid and managing a house is really tough. However, when I think that you'll get to listen to all the works I produce, my heart skips a beat! (My son skips a beat around the house too).

From now on I'll try to upload stuff more often! Sorry that I kept you worried.
Ah by the way, I've been in Nashville for a while! *evil laughs*"

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Reported by illeot on 31 Aug 2016

Angie's network (Facebook, Twitter) update 31/08/2016.

"After stopping my activities in Japan getting a fresh new start far away in Los Angeles, studying in college in order to make my dream come true, and receiving support from friends in this land I didn't know quite well, I've just said farewell to the apartment I've lived in for the past 2 years.

Well, a new adventure starts from this week!"

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Reported by illeot on 13 Jul 2016

Angie's network (Facebook, Twitter) update 13/07/2016.

"It's been a week since I've come back to Los Angeles. The 6 weeks I've spent in Japan went by in the blink of an eye. I've been working on the musical with Andrew since the morning until the night, so I haven't had much free time.

But in the middle of all that, I had an energetic talk with Ayaka! Since she's releasing a Best Album, we were together on FM802's show "Walkin Talkin". Besides being the first time we were together on the radio, for some reason I felt strangely tense *laughs* It's aired already so I wonder, anyone listened to it? Before the year ends I'll be back to Japan, I want to see her Tour! While I look forward to that there's still a lot of work left to do. Andrew has come to Los Angeles and we keep working here. This time I'm not even drinking any of my beloved alcohol (NO!)

I've come back to music activities, however I'll still live in the USA. Since I still have dreams I want to accomplish, I want to keep chasing them humbly, firmly and doing my best. Take care with all the summer heat we're experiencing!"

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Reported by illeot on 29 Jun 2016

Angie's network (Facebook, Twitter) update 29/06/2016.

"The musical "Out Of Shadowland" will start on July 9th at Tokyo DisneySea, and having worked together with Disney staff makes me feel incredibly thankful and delighted.

Furthermore, I've started working on a new project related to the musical!

2 years ago I left my music activities in Japan and devoted myself to studying, but this year I've finally started a musical following my Broadway dreams. I'm carrying out this project with Andrew Davidson, the one in the picture. Andrew is a Canadian novelist, and we're writing the screenplay together. Even though it's not finished yet, please look forward to it!

I'm walking steadily even if it's by little steps! Thank you so much for all your warm support messages!"

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