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Next 17th of December will be released a new live DVD/Blu-ray Disc of Angela Aki. This time it's from her last concert in Budokan last August. The title is "Angela Aki  Concert Tour 2014 TAPESTRY OF SONGS - THE BEST OF ANGELA AKI in Budokan 0804".

It includes the full concert and footage of her last concert tour, moreover it also includes a special movie called "Angela Aki 2005-2014" to celebrate the 10 years from her debut.

The tracklist is:

1.- Kokuhaku
2.- Again
3.- Kagayaku Hito
4.- Final Destination
5.- Kiss Me Good-Bye
6.- Kokoro no Senshi
7.- Oogesa ni "Aishiteru"
8.- TRAIN-TRAIN -The Blue Hearts cover-
9.- -MC- Snack Furusato
10.- Kodoku no Kakera
11.- Hajimari no BALLAD
12.- MORAL no Soushiki
13.- Otome Gokoro
14.- Dahlia
15.- This Love
16.- Yume no Owari Ai no Hajimari
17.- MUSIC
18.- Tashika ni
19.- Tegami ~Haikei Jyugo no Kimi he~
20.- HOME
21.- Sakurairo

ANGELA AKI 2005-2014

The DVD edition incudes two discs with the tracklist split into two parts, while the Blu-ray Disc one it's just one disc with the full tracklist.

The first press edition will be available in a classic vinyl size box including a special booklet.

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