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Angie's network (Facebook, Twitter) update 05/03/2017.

"Hi everyone, how are you? Some time ago I wrote about a friend, and professor at LA university, Dr. Capital, and this month he's coming back to Japan!! He's going to have a tour across the country to promote his new mini album, I worked with him in two songs included on it. If you couldn't see him in live last summer, this time you can do it! Here you have the schedule of his tour! This time he also have a performance in my home, Tokushima!

Please everyone, go to his fantastic concerts!!"

- 11/03/2017 Tokushima
- 13/03/2017 Fukui
- 14/03/2017 Kaga
- 15/03/2017 Osaka
- 17/03/2017 Osaka
- 18/03/2017 Tokyo

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