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Angie's network (Facebook, Twitter)update 24/01/2017.

"Happy new year, everyone! I'm really late, but I hope 2017 brings both happiness and health to everybody.

About me, my days end in the blink of an eye between working in my musical and being a mom. No plans to finish the musical until this summer, so every day feels like I either win or lose. I'll do my best with no regrets! This time I've also got some request for songs from Japan, so while working on them I sang a lot in Japanese, which I hadn't done in a while. Honestly, I'd like to perform live even if it was tomorrow *laughs*

Someday, for sure!

Take care of this cold weather!

Since I'm so busy lately, I can't even user a hairdryer so I end up hanging my hair wet until it feels kinda painful, and that's how I write to you all now."

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