Small File Icon Angela Aki has composed a song for Masayuki Suzuki
Reported by illeot on 04 Jul 2016

Angie has composed a song for Japanese singer Masayuki Suzuki.

Masayuki is going to release a new album next July's 13th, called "dolce", that includes songs composed by other artists, and Angela is one of them, having composed and written the song "Ashita wo kudasai".

Small File Icon Network update 29/06/2016
Reported by illeot on 29 Jun 2016

Angie's network (Facebook, Twitter) update 29/06/2016.

"The musical "Out Of Shadowland" will start on July 9th at Tokyo DisneySea, and having worked together with Disney staff makes me feel incredibly thankful and delighted.

Furthermore, I've started working on a new project related to the musical!

2 years ago I left my music activities in Japan and devoted myself to studying, but this year I've finally started a musical following my Broadway dreams. I'm carrying out this project with Andrew Davidson, the one in the picture. Andrew is a Canadian novelist, and we're writing the screenplay together. Even though it's not finished yet, please look forward to it!

I'm walking steadily even if it's by little steps! Thank you so much for all your warm support messages!"

Small File Icon Angela Aki's first musical is a Tokyo DisneySea project
Reported by illeot on 28 Jun 2016

The new musical show for Tokyo DisneySea, "Out Of Shadowland", will finally start on July 9th. A special video with part of the show, as well as the show composer, Angela Aki, has been revealed.

Celebrating Tokyo DisneySea's 15th anniversary, and under the theme "wish" following the motto "the year of wishes", a new musical show called "Out Of Shadowland" will start on July 9th. Singer-songwriter Angela Aki took part in the composition of this show, who's been studying music theory in Los Angeles ever since she entered a hiatus from her music activities in Japan after summer in 2014. Writing lyrics to 3 songs together with Disney Stuff, and creating the songs the main character sings, this marks the start for Angela Aki as a musical author. Before the show starts on July 9th, Angela Aki and Disney staff have joined forces working together on the scenes of the show, on this special video uploaded to Tokyo Disney Resort's official YouTube channel.

In "Out Of Shadowland", the main character is an obedient and shy girl who realizes the courage she keeps inside her heart, and this original musical in Tokyo DisneySea will show us how she'll manage to use it together with her imagination to beat the fear and anxiety she feels. The creation of this musical is a collaboration between Angela Aki and Disney staff. Angela said "the way this project influenced me is such a miracle, and it'll be great in order to approach new musical works, because it's an artistic experience I've never felt before, and I want to enjoy it with every cell of my body".

In Tokyo DisneySea wishes keep flowing, so this musical will be the first step for Angela Aki to make all her wishes come true. "Out Of Shadowland" starts in 12 days, so please, come and enjoy it.

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The story of this original musical is based on the main character, an an obedient and shy girl who realizes the courage she keeps inside her heart, and this original musical in Tokyo DisneySea will show us how she'll manage to use it together with her imagination to beat the fear and anxiety she feels. The show makes us of vivid colors, a dynamic projection, and the stage can be inclined up to 80 degrees, so the strength of this project will be a new experience for all the music.

Place: Lost River Delta Hangar Stage
Duration: 25 minutes aproximately, 3-6 sessions every day
Capacity: 18 people

Small File Icon Network update 09/06/2016
Reported by illeot on 09 Jun 2016

Angie's network (Facebook, Twitter) update 09/06/2016.

"After a long time I got to meet Jin-chan today, we haven't changed even one bit because we're still young! We're at the summit of our beauty!

The other day I went to see Doctor Capital's live performance in Aoyama. It's been such a long time... Professor Capital's music was great in college, but I've never seen him smile like this. I'm so happy for all the MyHome members that attended the performance too, and I got the chance to meet them! His last performance will be in Osaka, so I recommend it to everyone in Kansai. It'll be fun for sure! (I want to go too!)

June 23rd, "music bar S.O.Ra" in Osaka / 19:30~

Small File Icon Network update 29/05/2016
Reported by illeot on 29 May 2016

Angie's network (Facebook, Twitter) update 29/05/2016.

"I'm already in Japan! I'll stay for about a month. Next week my friend who's a writer from Canada, Andrew, will arrive here, and we'll start working on our musical!

Well, even though I've met many amazing teachers during my 2 years here at "University of California" in Los Angeles, the one who's inspired and encouraged me the most by the way he feels music is Capital Patterson, who teaches my music theory and guitar. What I was the most surprised about when I started attending his classes was that he spoke fluent Japanese (actually, with a Kansai accent!). I felt respect in that moment, and as we made music together the cultural exchange became deeper and we became music friends.

Capital might be arriving here right now. And he's performing many times!

I've never heard anyone playing guitar in such a particular way, with sweet and deep tonalities, and his singing voice is so personal it catches your attention quickly too. Even though I've attended some of his performances in Los Angeles, I really recommend these concerts to all of you! He'll visit many places including Tokyo, so if you can go, please consider it!
Furthermore, he'll perform some songs we've made together~

Dr. Capital Japan Tour 2016

June 1st / OSAKA "Abeno ROCKTOWN" 18:30

June 3rd / FUKUI "Bar Jake" 21:00~21:40 / 21:50~22:30

June 4th / Kaga, ISHIKAWA "Arte A Arte" 19:00

June 5th / Kaga, ISHIKAWA "Jazz Bar Rin" 13:00燐-1375576206100395/

June 6th / KANAZAWA "Mokkiriya" 19:00

June 7th / TOKYO "Aoyama Tsuki Miru Kimi Omou" 19:00

June 23rd / OSAKA "Music Bar S.O.Ra" 19:30

* Get in touch with each venue for further information"

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