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Small File Icon History of My Keys International

   The MKI project began with the debut in the Japanese music scene, of Angela Aki. Especially after her cooperation with Nobuo Uematsu for the theme song of the videogame Final Fantasy XII, with this song she became known among the players of this saga.

    The base of MKI was born in March 2007 when Illeot decided to create a MSN Space in Spanish dedicated to her, that still remains as a memento
[View]. This space quickly started to receive visits by Spanish people who had met Angela and were interested in her music. One of them, Carlos_cmg suggested that they both could do something else, which ended up being a new project, Angela Aki Spain .

    Together they created: Keep On, Dreaming , in Blogger on July 2007
[View]. Here, they began to take Angela’s music further and this blog started to have more international visitors. At this point they met Yuki911, another Spaniard interested in Angela’s music.Yuki911 suggested to take a step forward: to create a forum.

    With this project on mind, on September 9, 2007, the forum Angela Aki Spain was born which since its beginnings included an English section. This section quickly became a favorite for international visitors.
One of this members, Chanthana from Malaysia, created her own forum, called Home is Calling. This forum was basically the same as Angela Aki Spain, but without the Spanish sections.

    However, a terrible day both forums were attacked by a hacker. Home is Calling administrator account was hacked, and the entire forum was deleted. Luckily, Angela Aki Spain was able to stop the hacker thanks to the quick communication between members, and the support of the Home is Calling team.

    After that day, and after lengthy discussions between the members of both forums they all decided that the international community of Angela Aki should be stronger than ever, and all of us should be united under a single site.So Angela Aki Spain was rebuilt; the forum look was changed, and a new name was decided by all of the members: My Keys International.

    This helped the community becoming strong, even reaching one of its greatest achievements: to contact Angela, who wrote a handwritten reply back.
Right now, we are more than 1200 members from all around the world who enjoy the music of Angela Aki under one name: My Keys International. With this site we’ve reaching the main aim: have a website for us, led by their fans so we can carry Angela’s music around the world.
But this community is much more than just a website, because we also created a forum, profiles on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, as well as an international section that grew up in 2011 thanks to the addition of an Italian fansite to the MKI project, and the affiliation with Spanish association Asian Club, that way we all can help Angela's music reaching the whole world.

    So all together once again move forward with one intention, enjoy Angela’s music and at the same time carry her message everywhere, because she is special, she is the one, and we are their fans!

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